Our Team.

Our Goals

Our overall goal is to encourage, and advocate for active healthy living for Zimbabwe’s children and youth. We specifically aim to achieve this goal by:

  • Building research capacity, targeted training, and ongoing engagement in the area of physical activity promotion.
  • Collecting and synthesising research data, relevant policy documents and/or dissertations about key indicators of physical activity in children and youth.
  • Partnering relevant authorities, to create and disseminate simple public health messages encouraging Zimbabwean children’s mass participation in physical activity.
  • Partnering the relevant Ministries to prioritize the development of evidence-informed National Physical Activity Guidelines.
  • Committing to developing and producing the Report Card and join the international community in participating at future Global Summits on physical activity among children and youth.
  • Cultivating and establishing enduring links and relationships between AHKZ and like-minded local or international partners.
  • Linking academic institutions, corporate industry, non-profit organizations and Government entities in a collective effort to promote active healthy living among children and youth in Zimbabwe.